Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'The Red Kick': Chapter One

As of this posting, we're just a matter of hours away from having The Red Kick ready to download in its entirety from Amazon.  Just look for this cover (note the pink background and the fact that it reads 'ALL 5 ISSUES' and 'THE ENTIRE ACTION-PACKED SEXY SERIES'):

But, hey.  Wanna read the first chapter now?  Check out The Red Kick doing her thing as a stripper named Blaze, gathering information from the city's seedy underbelly.  Click the JUMP.


She spun around and picked out the targets.

The larger man was definitely Frankie Kay.  The two men with him were just muscle.

She flipped her head and her red hair swept over her face and blocked her view.
The room was dark so she couldn't see what, exactly, the muscle was packing.  They were observant, for certain.  They kept looking over their shoulders at everyone who came in.

She lifted her leg up and brought it up until her shin touched her forehead.

There was a crowd tonight.  Frankie liked crowds.  He felt safer.

She turned on her heel and leaned backward.  Upside down, she scanned them again.  Only Frankie was watching.

Blaze grabbed the pole and brought herself up again.  She spun to the far side and wrapped her left leg around the metal bar.  She leaned over and smiled at the fat guy pressed against the stage.  It was Billy.  He was a nice guy and he always left twenties for her.  Sometimes he could be a "Captain Save-A-Ho," but not too often.

She dropped to the floor of the stage and slithered toward him.  Her tits brushed across the illuminated acrylic and her nipples pulled thrown bills along with her.  She raised her head and looked right into Billy's face.  Blaze tilted her head and waved a little.  His grin stretched even further.

She swept her legs forward toward Billy and leaned back onto her round ass.  Her back arched and her breasts reflected the shifting colored lights.  With a grandiose gesture, her right hand rose above her head, pressed against one tit and then slid toward her pussy.  She stopped at her landing strip and slowly pushed her legs apart.  Billy was staring into her crotch, of course.  Blaze was looking at Frankie.

One of the muscle men left the table.

She looked at Billy, smiled again and then CLACK.  She slammed the edges of her heels together.  The sound broke through the heavy bass of her soundtrack and drew the attention of just about everyone in the club.  Billy nodded and held up a twenty.

"OK, everyone," Max, the DJ said, "that's Blaze!  Exclusively here at Ben Dover's."  She crawled forward, winked at Billy and plucked the bill from his hand.  "Blaze will be back on stage soon but she'll be looking for you before that."

She extended her arm and drew the bills, mostly singles, to her.  She scooped up the wad and the pieces of her discarded bikini.  As she was about to stand, another man leaned forward.  He had a five.

"Thanks, honey," she said.  He put it on the pile and she held the bills in place with her thumb. 

She darted offstage, past Jade, and into her dressing area.  She pulled her desk key from its hiding space under the wig head and then opened her drawer.  She dropped the money inside, removed the two garters and locked it back up.

Blaze put her bikini back on quickly.  Then she wrapped the black garters around her thighs and clicked them in place.  She looked in the mirror.  Her wig was still on securely.  The ruby red lopsided bob was popular and she wore it most nights.  Her red sequined mask was still in place, too.  She lifted her tits up and let them fall.  After a deep breath, she turned and walked onto the floor.

Jade was on stage.  She was near the ceiling, clinging to the pole.  She extended her legs and began to rotate around and around and around until her body touched the stage.  It was her signature move and she did it every time.

Blaze dodged a couple of guys.  There was a couple, a man and a woman, near the bar.  The woman smiled at her and Blaze returned the gesture.  Billy waved at her excitedly and she held up a single finger.  She hated to put him off like that but she had work to do.

Frankie Kay was drinking his scotch.  There was still only one thug with him.  It had to be now.

"Hey, baby," she said.  She pressed herself against the edge of the table.  She cocked her hips to one side and the bottom of her clothed pussy was presented to him.  "You look like you want to party."

Frankie smiled.  "You think so?"

"I know so."  She bent forward, allowing her tits to land right at his eye level.  She grabbed the edge of the table tightly and it creaked with her strength.  That got his attention. 

The guard leaned back and looked at Blaze from head to ass and then up again.  "We should wait."

"Fuck you," Frankie said.  He stood up and Blaze offered her hand.  "Where we gonna party, girl?"

"Right over here."  She led him toward the curtained wall and held up two fingers.  Max nodded and the 'occupied' sign above the second door lit up.  She pushed it open and Frankie was right behind her.

It was a small space.  Maybe three yards square.  There was a large, plush couch that filled up the back wall and part of one of the sides.  The walls were sapphire blue and rope light around the ceiling and the floor molding provided the only illumination they would need.

Blaze flung Kay onto the couch.  He laughed.  She pushed the door shut and flipped the small lock over.  She turned around and then stepped on either side of Frankie's legs.

He looked at her thigh-high boots and then dragged his eyes to her pussy, around the curve of her waist and to her tits.  He shook his head and said, "They natural, ain't they?"

"One hundred percent," Blaze said.  She let herself fall forward and she caught her hands on the rim of the couch's back.  Her breasts dangled in front of Frankie's face and he reached up to them.

"Oh, shit," he said.  He gripped them tightly and began to bring them toward his face.

Blaze smacked his hand and straightened up.  "That's one."  She shrugged and cast off one of her straps.  With only two fingers, she pulled the other strap away and her large tits hung free.  Kay sighed and looked at them while he shook his head. 

She turned around and bent forward.  With her thumbs, she wrapped them around the fabric of her bottoms and began to pull them down.  The cloth unrolled over her ass slowly and she pulled them down to her ankles.  She stepped out of them when she felt Frankie grab her ass roughly. 

Blaze rolled her eyes and said, "That's two." 

She turned around and then raised her leg up to her head.  Her pussy spread open and Frankie's mouth did the same.  He tilted his head to look at as she rested the heel of her boot on the back of the couch.  She rubbed her large tits.  She mashed one up and rounded one finger around her nipple.  She brought that hand down over her abdomen and onto her pussy.  She splayed her fingers and spread her lips apart.  She stroked herself for a moment before Kay raised his hand and caressed the underside of her upper thigh.

"That's three," Blaze said.  She was speaking louder than normal because of the music being piped into the room.  "I'm gonna have to ask you sit on your hands."

"Oh, c'mon, baby," Frankie said.  Blaze's expression went to stone and she pulled her leg off the wall.  She backed away and gathered her clothes.  "OK, OK," he said.  He lifted up each of his thighs and jammed his hands deep underneath.  "How's that?"

Blaze smiled.  "Much better."

She dropped her top and resumed her position.  Her leg braced against the wall and Kay again leaned over to peer into her gash.  Blaze grabbed her left tit with her left hand while her right hand ran over her leg to her garter.  She pulled a small cylinder off the strap and squeezed it in Frankie's face.

There was a light mist and he jerked his head back quickly.  It was too late.  He had already inhaled and Kay's head wobbled.  Blaze had pulled away, waiting for the small cloud to dissipate.  Finally, he flopped back and rested in the corner. 

She grunted and put her clothes back on.  "Mother fucker," she said.  She patted down his jacket and chest.  She felt a gun and knife.  There was a cellphone, too.  She reached into his pants and found his wallet.  She opened it and removed the hundred she was due.  She looked through the cards and papers but she didn't see it.

She checked all of his pockets.  Nothing.  She checked his shoes.  Nothing.  Then she removed his phone.  She scrolled through the texts and didn't see it.  She checked the notes, calendar, emails and just about everything.  Nothing. 

"Where is it?"

She looked at the main screen.  Right near the top, next to the calendar and message center, was the Draw Something app.  She opened it up and saw that it was Frankie's turn to guess whatever "The Man" had drawn for him.  It was a small map with a red circle around a warehouse on Dyson Street with "2:00" written above it.  Blaze smiled.  That was it.

She replaced everything as she found it.  She removed a small box from her garter and opened it.  She coated a fingertip in the cocaine and heroin mixture and then rubbed it into Kay's mustache and then up into his nostrils.  She wiped her hand on his jacket and adjusted herself.  She was done.

She took a cylinder from her other garter and squirted it in Frankie's face.  The fumes were noxious and he stirred almost immediately.

She quickly straightened up and began wiping her nose and sniffling.  "Holy shit, baby."  Frankie looked at her oddly.  "That was some good shit."

He glanced around and sniffed, too, feeling the powder in his own nostrils.  He got a little bit and it confused him.  "Yeah," he said.  "I … uh."

"That's my best stuff and you should probably pay extra for it," Blaze said.  She stood up and held her hand out.  Frankie struggled to stand and he reached into his wallet.  He removed a Benjamin and Blaze shook her head, "No, no.  You already paid me for the fun times.  I'm just looking for a little something extra for the … nose times."

Frankie blinked quickly and nodded.  "OK."  He pulled out a twenty and Blaze smiled at him.  She gave him a light hug and then tucked the bill into her bra.

Blaze undid the lock and walked out into the club.  The music was overpowering and she immediately walked to the dressing area.  She saw the two thugs sitting at the table staring intently at Kay while he stumbled back to his table.

She unlocked her drawer again and put her garters inside.  She put the money in there, too.  Blaze looked at the clock.  It was almost midnight.  She had plenty of time left … she might be able to dance once more. 

Just as she put on a new set of black underwear, she saw Vixen come backstage with her gathered earnings.  If Vixen was done, that meant Blaze was next.  She picked up her t-shirt and put it on carefully.  She heard the bass of her song playing so she stepped up onto the edge of the stage and pushed her way through the curtains.

Blaze strutted across the lit floor and cocked her hip to one side.  She slapped her ass and smiled at a customer on her left.  She walked further and grabbed the pole.  She leaned down toward Billy, smiled at him and spun toward the man next to him.  She clutched her breast, licked her lips and straightened up again.  She danced about the base of the pole for a short while and then she reached under her shirt and removed her bra.  She tossed it to the floor and then ascended the pole.

Blaze braced herself at the midpoint and pushed her body up.  Her legs wrapped above her head and around the pole.  Her calves and the underside of her knees were clamped onto the metal bar and she allowed her hands to dangle below.  Some of those watching cheered and then she grabbed the collar of her t-shirt.

With a swift jerk, the pre-cut top tore and ripped.  She held it away from her body and her tits hung the other way for a change.  The men cheered even louder.  She threw her body to the side and she began to rotate about the pole.  A high-pitched SQUEEEEEAK emerged from her skin as she slowly descended.  When she was within reach of the stage, she put her hands on it and then did a handstand away from the pole.  There was some applause and she fell toward the crowd and into a split.  There was more applause.

Then she saw that Frankie's muscle was walking toward the stage.  She swirled her legs around above her head and stood up.  She walked back to the pole, clasped it and swung herself over to one side.

One of the goons was pulling a customer away from the edge of the stage.

"Hey," he said.  She could barely hear him over the music.

Blaze looked at him and blew a kiss.

"No, no," he said.  "We need to talk to you."

She rotated around the pole a bit more and said, "I can give you a party when I'm done with this, honey."

He shook his head again and pushed another customer away.  He was moving around the edge of the stage so he could be near Blaze's face.

"We're going to talk to you now!"

Her eyebrows raised and she tucked her head back, "I don't think so."

Then he actually started to climb onto the stage.

As soon as his first foot touched the acrylic, Blaze grabbed the pole tighter, darted around the opposite way and flung herself into the air.  She was nearly perpendicular when her huge soles connected with the side of his head.  CRACK!  UNFFF!  He dropped off the stage and hit the ground hard THUNK before her feet touched the floor again.

The second thug sprinted across the floor and got ready to leap onto the platform.  Blaze saw this, of course, and she got behind the pole and extended one leg out to the side.  When the man got on stage, she brought that leg toward her and pulled him to the bar.  She reached up with her free hand, grabbed the back of his head and CLANG!  Clocked into the pole.  She stood up straight and he stumbled back.  He tried to shake it off, but before he could, Blaze stepped around to the front of the pole, reached up and grabbed it.  Then she kicked forward with both feet.  CRUNCH!  He rocketed off the stage and landed on the floor with a THUD.

The crowd cringed and oohed during the fight.  Now they applauded.  Blaze bowed to them while Marcus the bouncer and Mike the bartender pulled the two guys' limp forms away from the stage and toward the door.  When Blaze looked up, she saw Frankie leaning forward with his face propped up on his hands.  He looked dazed still but he was definitely grinning.

"Blaze does it again!" Max announced from his booth.  "Just a reminder to everyone that only our dancers are allowed on the stage.  And no touching, folks.  No touching.  Let's hear it for Blaze!"

The room erupted again and even more bills fluttered to the stage floor than usual.  She bowed and then scooped them up.  They were still clapping when she parted the curtains with her elbow and moved toward her dressing area.  Once the money was in her locked drawer, she went back into the club.

She passed Mike on his way to the bar.  "Tell Marcus to keep his eyes open, will you?"

"I know, I know."

She waved at and strutted by everyone she passed.  The muscle was nowhere to be seen but Frankie was now hobbling away from his table.  She smiled and thought, I've still got a bit before I should go.
Billy was waving.  She smiled and beckoned him with a single finger.  He eagerly left his stool and came toward her.  Blaze turned and started walking to the first party cubicle.  She held one finger up and pushed the door open while Billy brushed past her.

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