Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'Sexcalation': Fourways and Beyond

Here's another super-sexy chapter from my debut erotica, Sexcalation.

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Now that we were all fucking together … you know, not just next to each other … things got crazy.

In a good way, of course.

We tried an oral daisy chain. 

It started with Claire sucking my dick.  She was working it so well.  Tim finally got his clothes off and got in bed.  Then he lifted Claire's leg and started eating her pussy.  I could tell Claire was liking it because she was groaning and the vibrations always feel good on my cock.

Kelly was the last one in bed and I saw that we were already in a semicircle.  I guided Kelly around to me and lifted her leg up so I could start licking her.  I said, "Suck his dick."  She did.

It lasted for a while.  I don't know.  Ten minutes, maybe?  I was hitting Kelly's button pretty well because I heard her grunting with Tim's cock in her mouth. 

No, we didn't cum.  It's all foreplay, you know?  We went from that into some basic fucking.  Claire and I went at it while Tim and Kelly did.  I don't remember what happened after that, really.

I do remember the next morning, though.

Kelly and I were fucking missionary style to start off with.  That's how it usually went.  Then she said, "I want to try something."

"OK."  That's always the correct answer.

Well, I know.  The last time she said something like that did involve a plug in my ass.  I told her after that night that it didn't do much for me.  She was grateful, though, for letting her try.

Anyway.  She directed me to fuck her at a right angle.  She was laying flat and I was essentially straight up.  Then she moved her legs around and made me lay down … sorta behind her.  No, it wasn't really doggystyle.  I mean, our legs were intertwined and my body was behind her … but my dick was still in her like we were still face-to-face.  It's hard to describe unless you're doing it.  We were pretending to be an intersection, as if two crossroads could fuck.

Oh, I'm sure it has a fancy Kama sutra name.  "Twisted Cricket" or something.

It felt different, like the top of my dick was pushing against the side of her pussy when I thrusted.  And it wasn't easy to thrust laying down like that, either.  But Kelly liked it.

One of my legs was raised off the bed as I fucked her and she grabbed me around the knee.  I stiffened the leg and she started pulling my leg hard.  She pulled my knee up toward her face and it made me bang into her even harder.  She groaned and started saying, "Oh, fuck.  Yes, yes.  Keep going."

I did.  I wasn't very comfortable but she enjoyed it so much that it didn't matter what I thought at that point.  We were fucking perpendicular for several minutes and she was vocal the whole time.  She kept yanking my leg and my cock rocked into her pussy hard, over and over again.  I held her waist and pulled myself into her as deep as I could and at that angle, it felt like I was going very deep.

I smacked her ass and grabbed her shoulder.  I pulled her onto me harder and she pulled my leg almost against her cheek.  She was getting louder and then she reined it in when she realized Chris might hear. 

"Fuck.  Unh.  Yes, yes.  Unh, unh, unh."  She was grunting exclusively now and then she wrapped her arms around my leg and gave it one long, steady tug.  She twitched and said, "Oh, shit.  That was good."
I didn't cum yet so we went back to missionary.  My leg kinda hurt so I kept it straight out behind me.  Oddly enough, that changed the way my dick slid into her and she liked it.  I pressed her tits against my face and then she pulled me up to kiss her.  She moaned through her lips while they were on mine and she started to whisper almost, "Yes, yes.  Fuck me."

I grabbed under her ass and held her in place while I pounded into her.  She groaned and I got closer fast.  When I started to cum, she pulled me and kissed me.  When I finished, I laid my head on her chest and she held me tight.

"That was good."

"You liked the perpendicular sex, huh?"

She nodded and said, "It felt … dirty."

I thought that was funny, considering all the other shit we did.

Like a few weeks later.

It was Claire's turn with the strap-on.  After the usual preliminaries, Claire put it on and Kelly laid down for her.  Tim and I were off to the side, just watching.  Believe me; that was perfectly fine.

Once she got all the straps clicked into place and tightened, she adjusted the pink dildo and put her hands on Kelly's knees.

"So," she said.  "Ready to be fucked by a woman?"

Kelly laughed and said, "Go right ahead."

Claire reached down and touched Kelly's pussy.  It was still wet from Tim's muff diving a minute or so before.  Despite this, Claire smiled and leaned forward.  She put her mouth against Kelly's cunt and firmed up her lips.  She then moved them inside Kelly's vulva and then licked her clit.  Kelly gripped the sheets and closed her eyes.  Claire straightened up, wiped her mouth with her fingers and then slathered the wetness onto the tip of her fake dick.

Claire slid against Kelly's groin and angled the head of the dildo down.  She gripped the shaft and rubbed it around inside the lips.  Kelly inhaled sharply and kept her eyes closed.  Then Claire reached under Kelly's calves to grip the top of her thighs.  She slid her waist forward and the cock pushed into the pussy.  Kelly's chin angled up as it moved and Claire was sure to move it slowly.  She stopped its advance and pulled back a little.  Then Claire pushed ahead and Kelly's head tilted again.  Claire didn't stop and a few seconds later, the bright pink dildo had disappeared into Kelly's pussy.

"Oh, … shit," Kelly said.

Claire moved her hips back and withdrew.  Then she pushed back in.  She was working herself much like she did when she was on top of me.  It always felt good so I'm not really surprised that the same motion, with a dick attached, would feel good to Kelly.

Claire was fucking her at a good clip and Kelly was making a great deal of noise.  Her head turned from side to side and her fingers still dug into the sheets.

I watched Claire's face while she fucked.  She was determined and she was sucking on her lower lip.  She held Kelly's thighs and the motion of her thrusting caused her tits to heave and then withdraw.  It was rather hypnotic.  I saw that she was looking at me.  I caught her stare and she smiled.

"You like it when I fuck your wife?"

I chuckled and said, "Yes, I do."

She smiled and then it went away.  She fucked Kelly some more and then she looked at me again.  "Come fuck me while I fuck her."

My cock was certainly hard again after the blowjob Claire gave me earlier.  I looked at Tim while I crawled down the bed toward them.  He was stroking his own dick and smiling. 

When I got to Kelly, I leaned over and kissed her.  She grabbed the back of my head and pushed her tongue in my mouth.  Then I flicked mine into hers and across her lip.  She grunted and pulled her face from mine before letting out a loud groan.  I kissed and stroked her tits.  My moist fingers ringed her areolas and then lightly pinched her nipples.  She gripped the shaft of my cock and jerked it awkwardly as I bit into her thigh near Claire's hand.  My fingers moved down Kelly's chest to her pussy and I stroked the outside of her while the false schlong kept pushing into her.

Kelly let go of me and then I straightened up.  I held the inside of Kelly's thigh and kissed Claire.  She didn't let go of Kelly's legs and she kept her rhythm up, too.  We kissed deeply and passionately.  Our heads turned in opposite directions and our tongues led incursions into each others' mouths.  She pulled away and I kissed her cheek then ear.  I moved further back and put my hand on her shoulder and my other on her breast.  I squeezed and pulled it some and Claire moaned.  I sidled in behind her and kissed the back of her shoulder and neck.  I pressed my hand against the top of Claire's ass as it pushed into Kelly. 

"You're really good at this, babe," Tim said.

"What," Claire started, "fucking another woman with a dildo?"  He nodded.  "Well, I'm a little rusty.  Haven't done it since Leslie."

"Oh yeah?" he said.

I was licking and kissing Claire's back, so I was distracted, but intrigued.  "Who's Leslie?"

Claire was getting a little out of breath.  "College.  We lived on the same floor."


I reached down and cupped her ass.  I helped lift it up and push into Kelly.  I put one hand under Claire's arm and copped a feel, too.  I pulled a little on her nipple ring.  Claire exhaled loudly and said, "Shit.  Mmmm.  This all feels great, but I want you inside me."

You won't have to ask again.

I pressed my hard dick between her ass and she slowed her fucking.  I pushed the shaft down through her crack and soon felt just dripping … honeypot.  So warm and wet.  I moved a little closer and angled myself up.  I was leaning away from her and then I pushed my dick inside.

Claire thrust into Kelly all the way so that the fake pink balls pushed on her taint.  Kelly groaned and said, "Oh, fuck." 

Claire moaned, too, and said, "Yes.  That's what I wanted."

I held onto Claire's waist, on top of the straps, and pulled myself into her as deeply as I could go.  She grunted again and I grabbed the top of her shoulder.  Her head slowly lowered back and her hair dangled a bit.  I leaned forward and kissed the side of her mouth.  She turned to me and we kissed again.  She stopped, licked her lips and said, "Now we have to get our rhythm right."

I nodded and said, "OK.  Let's go."

I started first and went slowly.  Immediately, Claire started to fuck Kelly, too, and we were doing it pretty well for a moment.  I pushed in, Claire pushed in and then when Claire pulled back, I pulled back.  It worked for a couple of minutes but it didn't seem to be exciting either of them very much.

"I have an idea," Claire said.  "I'm going to push into Kelly as deep as I can and then you fuck me as hard you can."

"OK …"

"She'll feel it," Claire said.  "I can move up and down a little, too."

Claire moved herself forward and fucked that dildo into Kelly all the way.  Kelly moaned and then Claire wiggled a little side-to-side.  I put my dick back in Claire's pussy and pulled on her waist.  I thrust in slowly at first and then a bit faster.  Each time, her ass bounced and her hair jostled.  Her whole body pushed forward into Kelly and then she said, "Harder."

I stopped fucking, repositioned my knees and started up again.  Claire immediately started making noise and I heard Kelly, too.  They were both grunting and moaning.  My ballsack was rubbing against the lower strap of the harness.  The one that was under the dildo.  I hoped this wouldn't last too long because I knew it might hurt if it kept going.

I kept a hand on Claire's hip and pulled her onto my dick.  I also grabbed her shoulder to pull her down, too.  She got louder and louder.  She said, "That's it.  Keep fucking!  Oh.  Yes!  Fuck!  Fuck me!  Harder!"
Somehow, I did.  Her body rocked off my hips and into Kelly each time.  I saw Kelly's legs beside me, still being held by Claire, and they were bouncing and tensed up.  Kelly wasn't making noise any longer and when I looked over, I saw Tim was kneeling by her head and Kelly's mouth was running over his dick and back again, over and over.  She was sucking him off with a quickness. 

I was still pounding into Claire as hard as I could.  Her exclamations came faster and louder and she dropped one of Kelly's legs.  She reached back and put her hand on my hip.  She grabbed me and pulled me into her.  The harness strap was now officially hurting my balls.

"Fuck, yes!" Claire said.  "Keep going!  Yes!  Yes!"  I held onto her waist with both hands.  I pressed my thumbs into the top of her ass to hold on tighter and I pulled her onto my cock.  I tapped every energy reserve I had and pounded my dick into her as hard as I could.

I heard Kelly orgasm first.  She was holding onto Tim's dick while she shook.  Claire dropped Kelly's other leg and she was now laying on top of her.  I was now doing Claire doggystyle, almost like normal, except that she was lying on another person instead of being raised up by her hands and knees.

I grabbed the flesh of her ass hard and banged into her over and over again.  Kelly's arms were wrapped around Claire and I saw that she was holding one of Kelly's tits.  She was moaning long and steady and Kelly was making noise again, too.  Then Claire pulled Tim's dick into her mouth and she just destroyed him.  I mean, her head bounced into his crotch like a jackhammer.  Tim nearly fell back when she started twisting her head side-to-side.

I was still going as hard as I could but I didn't know how much longer I could keep it up.  Then I heard a muffled scream.  I looked up and saw that Claire's head wasn't moving anymore and her whole body was quaking.  Tim was holding the back of her head and he rocked forward a few times before he, too, came.  He leaned back and his dick left her mouth.  Claire dropped her head and I pushed off her, too.

I hadn't cum yet.  My balls were sore but I started jerking off.  I was so wet and covered with Claire's juices.  It only took a second before my orgasm came, too.  I splashed a few spurts onto the sheets.  Not as much as it would have been if Claire hadn't blown me so thoroughly earlier.

I know.  It seems a bit anticlimactic, but that's given me some serious stroke fodder for years. 

We all just laid there for a while.  Claire got up first and kissed us all before she undid the straps. 

Kelly said she enjoyed it.  She said while I was fucking Claire, Claire was fucking her slowly.  Just moving up and down a little.  I know Claire said she was going to do that, but I didn't notice while we did it.  And with every thrust of mine, Claire's dildo pushed into Kelly's pussy.

The next morning, my balls hurt so bad.  The skin of my scrote was red.  Blazing red.  I put lotion on it and it felt OK for a bit.

Later in the day, when I put some more on, Kelly started stroking my dick.  She smeared the lotion up the shaft and gave me a head-only hand job.  It was strangely intense and certainly satisfying.

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