Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Download 'The Red Kick' Now!

My superhero erotica is ready!  Masked citizens, fighting crime and their own desires (swoon).  I kid.  But not much.

UPDATED TO ADD FIRST REVIEW: "Thought this was a great little story, the cover art is awesome and reminiscent of Sin City and various other film noir classics. The writing style is original and evocative, the imagery great. The story itself reads like a cross between Dick Tracy and Kick Ass with plenty of action, intrigue and some hot sex. Everything a discerning guy could want in short. Oh and hot women." -- Mikey Lee Ray

The Red Kick -- paralegal by day, stripper by night, crimefighter by later-at-night.

It's written like a comic book with a lot of "BIFF!  POW!  BANG!" action, sex, etc.  It turned out better than it had any right to, I think.

You can read the entire first 'issue' (five lengthy chapters) for FREE at Smashwords.  Click the pic:
The remaining four 'issues' will cost 99¢ and will be released every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

Or, you can buy the whole shebang right now at Amazon for just $2.99.  Click the pic: 

Thanks for giving it a shot.  

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