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'Sexcalation': Things Get Weird

First off, thanks to everyone who has bought the book.  I really appreciate it.  To those of you who sampled that first 40% and decided not to purchase it, let me know why.  (It gets hotter later on, in case that's why.)

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Just to tease you folks, here's another chapter from the book.  It's among the first sexual encounters the main couple has with the neighbors.  Click the JUMP to read it!


It was a couple of months after Transformers.  We had gone to see a few other movies with them but nothing crazy happened.  The movies were better, I guess.  Claire and Kelly were hanging out all the time, like before.  I talked to Tim pretty frequently but I actually saw Claire more often.  She came by our place a few times a week for business stuff or to pick Kelly up so they could go out.

One Saturday, we were having a cookout at their house.  Claire and Kelly were killing a bottle of wine and Tim was working through a six pack.  No.  I didn't drink.  Chris was with us and when it got close to nine, I walked him home so he could go to bed.  I told him we'd be at their house if he needed us.  He went to bed.  No problem.

We just chilled and watched a movie they Netflixed.  Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.  Pretty funny.  It has Kat Dennings in it.  Holy shit.  Did you see those pictures that got leaked a couple of years ago?  Man.  Hang on.  I have one on my phone.

There you go.  I know, right?

So, yeah.  It was a good flick.  Kind of romantic.  I was sitting on their couch with Kelly, holding her hand.  They had a plush recliner thing and Claire was sitting on the armrest, kinda in Tim's lap.

Yep.  They just started going at it. 

I didn't really know what to think.  I mean, in the theater, it was one thing.  Here, we were in their house.  I looked at Kelly and she was smiling.  She started rubbing my leg and leaned up against my shoulder.
I saw Claire fully straddle Tim and Kelly started kissing me.  It was so strange. 

No, I mean the way Kelly acted.  She drank wine on occasion but she never got frisky because of it.  There was something about Claire and Tim.  I asked once.  Was it Claire that made her get horny like that?  She told me no.  She said, "Seeing them together excites me."

No shit.

We sat on the couch and made out for a long while.  She pulled me toward her and I let my tongue just unroll into her mouth.  She reached up and grabbed my hair.  I put my hand on her ass and squeezed hard.  She slid closer to me and threw one leg over mine. 

A bit later, I looked over at Claire and saw that she was reaching under her shirt to undo her bra.  That was the first moment that I thought, "What the …"  You know?  That there might be some fucking going on.
I mean, it's not really PDA if you're in someone's house.  But there were other people there.  You know?  I hadn't been drinking but my head was swimming with all kinds of thoughts and feelings.

Claire tossed her bra into the corner and she leaned over to kiss Tim.  He ran his hands under her shirt and they kept going.  Kelly was now kneeling on the couch, kinda over me.  Inspired by Claire, I guess, I reached up and stroked Kelly's tits.  She was biting on my ear and neck when I saw them stand up.

Tim was heading for the stairs and Claire was holding his hand.  She smiled at me and then she did it.  She flicked her head up the stairs at me. 


It surprised me so much that I just stopped cold.  I stopped rubbing Kelly's chest and groping her ass.  Kelly felt it and she turned around and saw them near the steps.

Kelly asked, "Should we go?"

Claire laughed a little and said, "Come with us.  We have a California King.  There's plenty of room."
Kelly straightened up and pulled away from me a little.  She wasn't getting up, though.

Now, I hadn't really thought about that kind of invitation before.  I mean, yes, I've thought about being involved in group sex, of course, but I never actually thought about how an invitation would go down.  So to speak.  I would have guessed that I'd be scared nearly shitless.  That I'd sit there like a lump until someone took my hand and dragged me away from the couch.

That's not what happened.  Not really, anyway.

I stood up from the couch, quickly and rigidly, and then I turned to look at Kelly.  I raised my eyebrows a bit, like I was saying, "Well?"

Kelly looked from me to Claire and then back at me.  She smiled, took my hand and stood up.  This is when I actually did feel drunk.  That thirty seconds or so it took the four of us to leave the living room while Vampire Weekend played over the end credits of the movie … it felt like a dream or something.  And my cock was crazy hard.

Going into their room, I didn't know what we were doing, really.  I mean, was this going to be a swap?  A daisy chain?  What?  No one said anything at all and that got to be a little infuriating.

The lights were on when we got inside their bedroom.  The room was the same as ours but their bed was huge.  I have no idea how they got it in there.  There was a lamp in each corner and there was a soft glow on everything.  It was nicer than our bedroom, that's for sure.

Tim got onto the bed and took his shirt off.  Kelly pulled me toward the far side of the room and Claire went for the light switch.  I stopped her and shook my head.  It was like that scene in Big, you know?  When Tom Hanks was going to do it with … what was her name?  Yes, Elizabeth Perkins.  Good pull.  Anyway, Claire smiled at me and left the lights on.

Kelly sat on the mattress and wrapped her arms around my neck.  I kissed her long and hard.  I looked to the other side of the bed … like, nine feet away … and saw Claire pulling Tim's pants off.  Kelly pulled my face back toward hers and she asked, quietly, "Are you sure about this?"

I nodded once, quickly.  Then I said, "You?"

She turned and watched Claire push Tim horizontal and climb onto him.  She looked at me with a slight grin and said, "Yes."

And that was that.  There was consent from both of us. 

I pulled off her shoes while kicking off my own.  She removed her shirt and then tugged at mine.  I leaned in for a kiss and then stood up again.  I pulled Kelly's pantlegs while she undid my belt.  When I pulled them off, Kelly slid off the bed a little so she could push my pants down.  As she did, she kissed and raked her nails across my chest and back.  I reached over to undo her bra when I saw Claire take off her shirt.

She did not disappoint.  Great tits.  Really.  Not as big as Kelly's … but they were shaped differently, you know?  Those art deco tattoo lines ran up her right arm over her shoulder and down her torso.  There were curves and accents that circled the underside of her breast and swirled around her large, dark nipples.  And they were pierced.  Yes, both.  There were tattoos along her waist but I couldn't see what they were just yet.

Kelly bit my side and that shocked me back into paying attention to her.  It was so strange.  When I focused on Kelly, everything was just super sexy and I was feeling very horny.  But if I started watching Claire and Tim for too long, I began to feel … off.  It's hard to describe.  I felt like I was intruding or something.

I took Kelly's bra off and then slid her panties to the floor.  She leaned back onto the bed and I started eating her out.  I pressed on the front of her pubic area like usual, so I could stretch her skin and spread her lips open.  Her clit was exposed and I could actually see how wet she already was.  That was a good thing because my mouth had gone dry.  So I leaned into her pussy, one arm wrapped around her thigh and my hand pushed down on her.  I licked and smeared her own juices all over and listened to her moan.  I looked up as far as I could and I saw most of Claire's upper body while Tim grabbed her and kissed all over her.  This worked to my benefit, oddly enough. 

I was unconsciously pushing harder on Kelly and pushing may face into her and up harder and faster so I could see.  I saw Tim pawing and licking Claire's tits.  Then I saw her push him down and she slithered up to his face.  And sat on it.  If my dick had been in Kelly then, I'm pretty sure I would have cum.

Yeah, I know.  I think I was able to get horny then because I wasn't just standing there or sitting there, watching.  I was hidden, sort of. 

Anyway, the benefit was Kelly came hard and fast.  I mean, just a few minutes.  When she did, I kept my face buried in her pussy, still licking, like I normally enjoy doing.  I heard Claire say, "Amazing work, Greg."  I looked up and saw her smiling.  She was breathing heavily and she had her fingers tangled in Tim's hair between her legs.  She gasped and closed her eyes.  She rocked back and forth and leaned back a little.  She looked at Kelly and said, "Come on, you guys.  Fuck."

I realized then that I didn't have a condom on me.  As soon as I did, Claire pointed to a vanity table and said, "Top right drawer.  Condoms in there."

Not my brand but they were ribbed.  That usually meant they were a bit thicker.  I thought, given the extra visual stimuli, I could use whatever help I could get.

I unrolled it onto my still-hard dick and went to the bed again.  Kelly was on her side watching them when I climbed onto the mattress.  She started to lay flat in our usual missionary positions, but I stopped her.  "No, stay there," I said.  I lifted her leg and sort of slid up to her cunt and slipped my dick inside.  She gasped out loud and clawed at the covers.  I looked at Claire in time to see her spin around.  Sort of.  Yeah, she dismounted from Tim's face and then got back on, facing the other way.  Exactly.  She leaned down and pulled Tim's cock into her mouth. 

Sixty-nine.  I never wanted to do that so much in my life as I did right then.  Claire's ass was round and damn-near perfect.  I mean, straddling a guy's face, it can't help but look good.  Still.

Yes, I looked.  It's normal to look in that situation, right?  I think so.  It was difficult to really tell then, but it looked like his dick was a bit longer than mine but not as big around.  Later on, Kelly told me that the end of it curved upward, too.  Not freakishly so; just a little.

I was fucking Kelly while she laid on her side.  I held her leg up and held onto her ass with my left hand.  She was making a lot of noise.  Tim had a firm grip on Claire's ass and he was pulling it onto his face hard.  Claire was working his cock, too.  A lot of movement.  Up and down, up and down.  She slowed after several strokes and rotated her head in a circle with the head of his dick in her mouth before she started the up and down movements again. 

I realized after a minute or so that our position wasn't working out.  Kelly got on her back and we started fucking missionary.  I leaned back pretty far, though.  She always liked that.  After a few moments, I leaned in and kissed and bit her neck.  When I went to kiss her mouth, she paused and said, "You still smell like pussy."

I pulled away and heard Claire laugh.  She sat up and slid her ass down Tim's body toward his dick.  She lifted one leg up and guided it into her with her hand.  Then she sat down and it looked like her shoulders were sagging.  She was overcome by that insertion pleasure … you know, what I talked about a while ago?  Claire straightened up and quickly rocked her hips back and forth on Tim's cock.  He had two handfuls of her ass and she pumped him for all she could.

Reverse cowgirl.  Nice. 

Kelly noticed me watching and then she held my shoulder, "I want to see, too."

I got off of her and out of her and she got up onto her knees and faced away from me.  I'll never turn down doggy style so I went ahead put my dick back into her.  She lurched forward, threw her head back and then pressed against me.  She did it hard and fast while she watched Tim and Claire fuck.

Kelly was loud again.  I was holding her waist and my groin was smacking onto her ass almost as loudly.  Claire turned around and then got off Tim.  I saw them moving around over there but I didn't really pay attention.

I was concentrating on Kelly.  It was that same feeling.  If I concentrated on her, I was fuck-nuts.  If my attention drifted to Tim and Claire, I got self-conscious or something.  I would have thought, for sure, that I was going to blow my load in no time flat.  Instead, I was tap dancing between horny and embarrassed.  It kept me going longer than I would have otherwise, I think. 

I was still pounding into her and I was using the footboard for leverage.  I heard more groaning and I looked to my left.  Claire was lying on her back and Tim was fucking her missionary now.  She was smiling at us and staring at us intently.  She was watching my cock slide into and out of Kelly's pussy quickly while my balls slapped around her lips.  Claire groaned again and then she said, softly, "Fuck her.  Fuck her."

I mean, I complied, of course.  I grabbed that footboard harder and I fucked Kelly as hard as I could.  She leaned her head forward and she yelled into the blankets.  I looked at Claire again and she was smiling.  I ran my eyes down her body and watched Tim's cock slide into and out of her.  Tim was watching, too, but his attention was focused more on Kelly.  Can't blame him since my attention was mostly focused on Claire.

Movement from Kelly caught my attention and I saw that she had thrown her arms back toward me.  I immediately took the cue.  We had done this a few times when things got crazy.  By "crazy," I mean … just one of those super-fuck sessions.  I grabbed her wrists, pulled back and leaned away from her ass.  Her spine was now parallel to the mattress and her head was pulled back.  I was leaning away but fucking her every bit as hard as I was before.  My angle of entry changed and I was fucking up almost as much as I was fucking in, you see?  The smacking noise was still there but it changed.

I looked over at Claire and she was saying, "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!" over and over again.  She was rubbing her own pussy while Tim pounded into her harder than before.  I was starting to feel pain creep into my back and arms so I knew I didn't have long.  I leaned back even more and called up whatever reserve power I had to fuck Kelly even harder.  In doing so, I grunted and groaned very loudly.

Kelly was almost screaming and I saw Claire jolt and quake before pulling Tim's face to hers.  They kissed passionately and quickly before they both turned to watch our conjoined pelvic regions.

My cock was slamming into her pussy as hard as it ever had before.  Over and over again.  My hips smacked her ass and the claps filled the room.  Kelly threw her head back and her hair arced in the air.  I pulled on her arms tighter when I felt the surge of orgasm inside me.  My grunts turned into a sustained growl and then finally a wail as I poured myself out into her.  Well, into the condom.  Kelly fell forward and I fell back.  At first, I thought I would fall onto the floor, but then I remembered the epic size of that bed. 

Claire and Tim clapped.  "That was amazing, guys," she said.

"Bravo," Tim said.  "Do you guys always fuck like that?"

I couldn't speak but Kelly did, though her voice was muffled.  "No.  Sometimes."

I was dizzy from the exertion and still in an orgasmic delirium as I laid there on the bed.  I snapped out of it when Claire put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Good job." 

She was smiling and she was looking at my face when she said it, but I suddenly became conscious of where I was and how I appeared.  I stood up and sort of hid myself behind the footboard.  I took a couple of tissues from the vanity table and pulled the condom off while wiping myself, too.  Kelly must have snapped out of it, as well, because I saw that she was sitting up on the bed with part of the covers wrapped around her. 

Neither Tim nor Claire seemed so self-conscious, though.  He stood up and gathered his clothes.  Claire sat up on the bed and slid next to Kelly.  They spoke softly for a moment while I got dressed.  Claire was smiling and even though Kelly was, too, I could tell she was embarrassed.  Claire got off the bed and put her underwear back on.

I handed Kelly's things to her but she kept the covers over her.  Claire noticed and dragged Tim out of the room.  Kelly stood up and got dressed.  I tried to catch her eye but she kept looking at the floor.  Finally, once she pulled up her pants, I touched her shoulders and she looked at me.  I smiled and said, "I love you." 
She smiled faintly and said, "I love you, too."  I kissed her and hugged her tightly. 

We left the bedroom and went downstairs.  Tim was in the kitchen getting something to drink but Claire came up to us, still wearing only her black bra and panties.  She hugged Kelly and put a hand on my arm.  She said, "We should do this again sometime."

Kelly smiled quickly but I nodded.  I wasn't entirely sure what was going on with my wife, but I knew I enjoyed this.  I still felt weird about it all, but I did like it.

We left not long after that.

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