Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Sexcalation' First Review!

And it's positive!

Thank you for writing that story! It's not often adult fiction has a plot or is written intelligently, with humor. I stumbled upon it on probably the first day it was released on SmashWords and it was a pleasure to read.

Thank you very much.

I wasn't thrilled with the ending but the epilogue pulled it off. SPOILERS REDACTED. Well done!

Yes, the end had me flummoxed for a while.  It was originally supposed to end the way it seemed to end.  I had the epilogue epiphany just a couple of weeks before publication.

While I see you plan to work on similar tales, I'm concerned that as short stories they won't allow for decent character development. I also feel short stories just don't build properly, which Sexcalation happily did.

I understand your concerns, but I plan on doing serials, meaning a five-part story (for example).  I'm glad you appreciated the character development and I will try to do that in future works, too.

Finally, I applaud your choice of pricing the book reasonably. Too many extremely short works are priced foolishly high. I've got to give you credit where credit is due.

I thought $2.99 was fair.  I looked at other erotica books and saw big dollars for comparatively shorter works.  Sexcalation is a regular novel, length-wise.  Compared to other stuff out there, it's a bargain.

Good luck with your upcoming projects. If they are in a similar vein, I definitely plan on reading them.

I certainly appreciate that.  I'm heading back to scifi with my BSG prequels, but I have a couple of adult things in mind that I hope to work on in the near future.

Be like Rich!  Download and enjoy Sexcalation at the links below or on the side of the page!

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