Saturday, May 4, 2013

An Unexpected Experiment: Month 4 - The Pleasures of a Rough Fingerbanging

April, 2013
Continuing the impromptu, near-daily coitus initiated by my wife in late 2012.

We seem to be averaging six days each month of no sex.  Typically due to her period.


What's new ... oh.

Since she gets into bed already wet, if there's any foreplay to be done, it's about getting me to rock-hard status.  Thankfully, despite my approach to 40, this doesn't take long.  It changed about halfway through the month.

She lay in bed, stretched out and said, "Touch me."  Of course, she was wet.  I just spread it around to ease my entry.  "No," she said, "keep going."

So I started rubbing her and kissing her tits.  She groaned and thrashed against me.  I was hard shortly after that.

"Put your fingers in me."  I complied.  One finger circled her clit and drove toward her opening.  I pushed it in slowly and her body writhed.  I pushed deeper inside and she said, "More."

I withdrew and added another finger.  I pushed it in and her convulsions became more violent.  Some say there is no G-spot, but my wife has something in the place where they say it exists.  I reached my fingertips as deep as I could and touched the top/front of her insides.  With my free hand, I pushed down on her pubic area against my fingers.  She began to twitch and moan.  Moments later, she came and she got even more wet.

After the ensuing sex was done, she asked, "Why didn't you start with two or three fingers inside when I asked you?"

I thought for a second and replied, "Well, I didn't want to jump in with a fist from the start.  That would be jarring, right?"

She shook her head.  "No.  It's what I wanted."

I was a bit surprised.  I always thought that the violent "fingerbanging" as depicted in porn seemed over-the-top.  It didn't look pleasurable at all.

In fact, nine months ago on my Tumblr page, I posted the below picture with the caption, "OK, ladies.  Tell me the truth.  Is this pleasurable?"

I got no responses from women.

At any rate, she told me, "Consider it an open invitation."  Half the time we had sex for the rest of the month, I jumped in with two or three fingers and rocked her crotch.

It seemed odd at first until I compared it to the occasional rough jerking off I like to give myself.  Same thing, right?


(I'm considering dropping the "Pros" / "Cons" thing because it's the same each month now.  I've plateaued, apparently.)

Frequency.  Still.

Endurance.  Yeah.


Condoms.  They're expensive.  Just got a box of "thin sensitive, ribbed."  Her pleasure and all.

Still the sound.  See March's entry.

Still out of shape.  I've started walking around the halls of my workplace early in the morning before anyone else arrives.  I'm going about a mile or so every day.  No real results yet.

Neither a pro or con:

Masturbation: four times.  Three of those times were to the film Suicide Girls: UK

Conclusion thus far:

Life is still pretty sweet.

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