Thursday, July 26, 2012

'Sexcalation' Book Cover

Well, there's no need to delay much longer.  I'm still editing and aiming to release it next week, so why not share the cover now?

There you go.

The vibrators in the back are arranged to show an escalation (see? "Sexcalation," escalation) which is part of the story.  The red velvet cupcake up front with the two pairs of bride/grooms is the basic plot of the story (married couple hooks up with another couple for freaky fun times).

Here's a weird thing, though.  While photographing the vibrators, I noticed something strange about the red rabbit-type device:

It's got a face.

I did some research and, apparently, dual action vibrators like this originated and sell very well in Japan.  But, in Japan, it is illegal to sell anatomically correct phallic devices.  By putting a face on it, crafting the edge of the dildo's "head" to look like hair, sometimes making the clit bit look like an animal ... manufacturers skirt the law.


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