Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Oral Chapter

Here's a chapter from the book Sexcalation, which I'm aiming to release by the end of the month.

When you click the JUMP, you'll get a sense of the tone it will have.  A braggadocious sort of guy who describes his sexual escapades simply, bluntly and with a sense of humor.  I hope you'll enjoy it.

(And, yes, this is one of the semi-autobiographical chapters.)


I'm trying to remember.  I don't think I became as enamored of oral until I actually got some.

Before I had sex, I was all about the pussy.  And tits.  Yeah, tits.

Don't get me wrong; I still love the vaj and I love breasts.  And the ass.  Not just for fucking, either.  I love grabbing ass and pulling myself onto it.  Mmm.

But oral.  For some reason, if I'm watching porn these days, I'm not fast-forwarding through that.  And I'm more likely to soak the Kleenex on a head scene than a fuckin' scene, too.  '69's, too.  There's a reason for that.  I'll get to it later.

Whatever.  Before I got head the first time – yeah, that was the weekend after I first got laid.  Before then, I don't think I was all about it.

I remember one thing, though.  It was the early days of the 'net, man.  Everyone had dial-up, even my work.  And this was before IT cops, so I could look at porn in my office without much fear.  I found a few websites that you could download porn video clips from.  And I mean clips.  You were damned lucky if they were longer than ten seconds. 

I found this one clip – I still have it on my computer at home, actually – it's called "blowjob6," and it was just a fifteen second part of some orgy, I guess.  This brunette is on her knees and her hair is slicked back.  She's attractive.  Actually, the video is so small and pixilated, she may not be.  Regardless, this dude's jerking off into her mouth, but that doesn't really float my boat.  It's what she did next.  After he came, she went to town on that cock for about ten full seconds.  Fast and snapping back and forth, her eyes go back in her head like a shark and then she slowly rolls her head side to side with his dick just lolling inside her lips before she pops away.  Holy shit; I can't even count how many times I've tugged one out to that video.

Finding that clip may have been when my cocksucking obsession began.  You know, getting mine sucked.  I didn't want to force that our first weekend, because things were going so well, anyway.  I didn't want to pooch the whole thing by saying, "Hey, wanna suck my dick?"

The next weekend I drove down to Virginia Tech.  We had dinner Friday night, but Saturday was all naked, all the time.  Her roommates left town.  Yes, before we got naked.

I woke up that morning with wood and I rolled over and started kissing her neck and rubbing on her hip.  She woke up and turned around to me.  We macked for a while, and I fingered her for a little while.  She handed me a condom from her nightstand.  "Rough Rider."  It was a little box with a picture of a girl from the late '80s or something on the front.  I say '80s because she was wearing stonewashed jeans, a denim jacket and she had garden-weasel hair going on.  I opened the box and discovered that "Rough Rider" had a bunch of raised studs all along the shaft.

"Damn," I said.

"C'mon and fuck me."

You can't deny the allure of a straightforward proposition.  I got the condom on and I ran my cock into her pussy, but because of all the little studs, it was a bit too much for her.  Kelly's eyes widened and she said, "Slower!"

I eased up and began to thrust in and out at a snail's pace until she gave the thumbs up.  From there on, I tore it up.  She was on her side, and I pulled her leg up to my chest.  I held onto her hip and pulled her onto my dick over and over again.  Those studs must've really felt good because she got louder and louder and her excitement only led to my own.  I came in fairly short order, but since I knew she hadn't, I tried my best to keep fucking through the discomfort.  Thankfully, she came soon after.

Now that we were both awake and sticky, we went to the shower. 

Hey!  The shower!  A place often seen in pornos as a place to get it on.

Our first shower together.  I lathered up a scrubber and sensually cleaned her off, occasionally kissing her shoulder or arm.  She did the same for me, lingering at my junk.  She worked that slowly and just stared into my eyes as she brought my cock back to full attention with soapy fingers.  And then she was done.  Shortly after we rinsed off, I began to grind on her side and grope about her chest, but she pulled away.

"Sorry, but water isn't exactly a good lubricant," she said.


I want to press your tits against the glass door and run my tongue across your cunt and taint.  Hell, you're clean now so I may even tongue your ass.  I want to get you juicy with my mouth and let the water cascade off those fantastic curves and down onto my head.  I want you to grab that towel rack and let my dick slide under your ass and into your pussy.

I didn't say that, though.

Didn't matter.  While I was fucking her over and over in my head, she hung up the scrubber.  Kelly reached up and lowered the shower head, then she turned around and pressed me against the back wall of the shower stall.  It was cold, but I didn't mind it too long.  She got down on her knees and lifted my still mostly-erect dick from my balls.  She grazed my sack and even tickled my taint a little while she ran her tongue on the sides of my shaft.  Still a little surprised, I dug my feet onto the no-slip mat.

I was rock hard again, and Kelly pulled my cock down and licked the rim of my head.  Unconsciously, I had been pushing my hips away from the wall and my cock right at her.  She put her hand on my belly, slammed me back against the wall and enveloped my head in her mouth.

She started slow.  One hand moved around my balls.  The other gripped the base of the shaft and she rolled her tongue inside her mouth all along the tip of the dick.  Then she dived.  It wasn't a deep-throating, but still.  More than half of my cock went over her lips again and again.  She twisted her head in a circular motion as she thrust her mouth down and back.  She lightly squeezed my balls and ran a hand up my belly toward my chest.  I was barely able to hold onto the wall.

Her head bobbed up and down.  I felt my dick rub on the roof of her mouth as it went in, and then the tip of her tongue running along the underside as she pulled me out.  A nervous twinge shot through me and she pulled my dick from her lips.  She aimed it up and licked the shaft again and ran her tongue down onto my balls.  Her tongue gravitated to a bald spot on my sack and, man, that felt right.

She straightened up a little and began to stroke my dick.  She had sucked on it so much, there was a layer of her saliva on it, so her hands glided up and down smoothly.  She took the tip of my dick in her mouth again.  Suck, suck, pop.  Suck, suck, pop.  Her head moved in a rapid succession of thrusts on my dick while her hands twisted around the shaft and balls.  A few moments later, I found myself on my tiptoes when a huge swell of energy building behind my cock began to move.  I guess I said something like, "Here it comes," but I certainly don't remember. 

Regardless of how unintelligible I may have been, she took the hint and pulled my cock from her mouth and held it toward her chest.  Her spit-lubed hands moved up and down the shaft and twisted all around the head quickly.  A moment later, I blasted my hot load onto her chest.

I collapsed back onto my feet and she turned toward the shower stream to wash the jizz off her tits.  I suddenly felt very cold, since the water had been off me for so long.  Plus, a cascade of chills and goosebumps crossed my body.

Oral orgasms are always more intense for me.  It has to be all the nerves on the head of my cock.  In fucking, the head isn't getting all the attention, but in oral, she's got her tongue or her lips or her fingers all around the head all the time.  I wonder if oral orgasms are more intense for women in the same way?

Anyways, after I washed off and we got toweled dry, she made a move to put on her clothes, but I pulled her away from the dresser.  She turned and smiled a little deviously at me when I pushed her onto the bed.  She scrambled up toward the pillows and I threw her legs apart.

Now's my chance to see if all those Sex for Idiots books I read in the stores paid off.  Not that I ever actually bought one, though.

I ran a hand up from her pussy to her pubic hair and pulled apart her lips with my fingers as they passed.  So that's what it looked like up close.  Huh.  I decided to take it slow, so I ran my tongue along the outside of the opening first.  She inhaled sharply and gave a restrained, "Yay!"

I shaped my tongue into as close to a point as I could, and ran it just inside the lips to the clit.  I found the nub and curled my tongue around it.  I wrapped my left arm around her leg and pulled her crotch into my face and drove my tongue deep inside.  I moved my flattened tongue from her inside up and to the clit and back down again.  I seem to salivate excessively, so things got slippery pretty quick.

I pushed a finger inside and slowly swept along her pussy with my tongue fixed on her clit.  I flicked it all about; to the edge of her lips, across the clit with a loop around it and then to the other side. 

I discovered pretty early that going down on Kelly gives me pleasure.  My cock was rock-hard about halfway through the session.  I get especially enthused when I hear her sharp breathing or her little moans.  I try to keep an eye on her while I'm working the tongue action. 

With two fingers inside now and with my tongue spelling the alphabet on her clit, her breathing got deeper and her leg muscles tightened around my head.  That just made me get into it even more.  I didn't care how much saliva and pussy juices there were in front of me, I plowed in as deep as my mouth could go and moved my tongue all over.  I could feel my face squishing into her cunt, but I didn't fucking care.  She was really quaking now, and with my tongue digging at her clit, she wasn't far away.  I pressed on.  And on.  And on.  Just when I started wondering if something went wrong, her back arched, her pussy pressed into my face even more and she began a low-level moan.  Quickly, her body collapsed back onto the bed and she quivered a few times with aftershocks.

I got up from her crotch and moved my throbbing dick near her swamplands.  I'm just saying she was really wet, that's all.  Anyway, I grabbed a condom and managed to unroll it over myself in two quick motions.  Kelly put her legs on either side of my torso and pulled me into her.  With my cock sliding into the warmest, wettest place ever, I leaned in for a kiss and she pushed me away.

"Not until you wipe all that off," she said disgustedly.

I leaned back and realized for the first time just how slathered in goo I was.  I shrugged, grabbed the bed comforter and wiped my face on it a few times.

For some reason, she thought that was gross.

Thanks for reading.  More sample chapters and the cover art coming soon.

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