Friday, August 16, 2013

An Unexpected Experiment: Months 5 & 6 - Butt Stuff

I'm going to eschew the pattern of pros/cons/etc. from previous posts and just state what's up.

In May and June, we averaged sex about three times a week.  Yes, down from the salad days of January, but still far ahead of previous years when we averaged about two or three times each month.

Now here are the highlights.  The Butt Stuff.


One night, the wife decided to take a shower in the evening.  I can't recall why ... but it was unusual.  She's a morning showerer.  At any rate, the kid was in bed and she just got out of the shower.

Now, we had fucked in the shower before, but spaciousness is not a quality our bathtub has.  It's always a trial of some sort.  Invariably, we grope and kiss and stroke.  She may even smoke my pole for a few.  I might go "up" on her.  Fucking, though, is a chore.  We end up in the bedroom every time.

So she took a shower at night.  She's laying in bed to cool off and I know she's naked.  Naturally, I went upstairs.  We kiss and I licked her tits.  There's something about post-shower skin ... the texture is different.  I don't quite care for the taste but everything else is fine.  Regardless, my mouth wandered further afield from her upper torso and I began to lick her cunt.

That usually goes well.  My wife always seems to like it.  I detailed in Sexcalation (Amazon/Other) how I sometimes use my fingers and how I sometimes don't.  It helps create a specific mood and reaction, particularly when it's time for insertion.

I'm licking and pulling her lips apart with my fingers.  I'm letting my copious saliva spill forth and coat her entire slit.  Then it hits me.  She just got out of the shower.

My tongue moves from her clit to her vagina.  I push on the lower part, by the perineum, and she likes the pressure.  I lick around her pussy and to her taint.  Then my tongue wags further south.  

I licked her ringpiece.

Other than an accidental drift in the dark many years before, I'd never done this.  I don't think I really need to explain why not.  But, again, she was fresh from the shower.

I couldn't help but notice that her moans were getting louder.  I put my hands on her legs, behind her knees, and pushed them up, lifting her ass off the bed.  Then I dug my tongue deep into her ass.  I'm not going to lie.  It didn't taste great.  But it didn't taste like shit, either.  So that's good.

If you've ever listened to Kevin Smith on SModcast, you've probably heard him talk about how much he likes to eat his wife's ass.  He talks about he goes at it like a pie-eating contest.  I took that to heart.

After a minute or so of hardcore licking, my arms were tiring from holding her legs up, so I let them down and pushed her left one to the side.  She took the hint and rolled over onto all fours.  Well, now it was just presented to me.

I forcefully dragged my tongue from the sides of her pussy, back up her taint and then circled her asshole again.  She moaned and her ass moved toward me.  I grabbed her cheeks and buried my face in her.  She got louder.  And louder.  And she was moving more toward me.  At this point, my cock was rock hard so I got up on my knees and slid dick into her pussy.

"Hold on," you say.  "Pussy?"

Yes.  Wait for it.

I pushed my thumb into her asshole and moved it in time to my thrusting.  From the start, she was saying things like, "Fuck me!  Yes!  Yes!"  You know.  The things that are usually reserved for the latter half of the proceedings.  Barely two or three minutes in, she came.  Hard.  

She was literally dripping wet.  So lubricated was her pussy that the slightest errant thrust caused me to squish out.  Her movements were becoming more forceful and more enticing.  I knew I wasn't going to last.

I leaned over to the bookshelf by the bed and pulled a condom over.  As I did, she grabbed my arm and said, "No.  I want you to lick my ass more and then fuck it."

Yes, ma'am.

I grabbed her cheeks and parted her browneye again.  I pushed her forward, her face mashed deep into my pillow, muffling her groans.  I swirled around and spiraled down. I smacked her ass and got up on my knees again.  She moved her hips higher and I pressed my engorged dick into her crack.  Between the wetness of her pussy and the excessive saliva from me, it slid effortlessly and deeply inside her.  

Her moan started simple and low.  It got louder and louder until I was completely inside her ass, her cheeks pressed against my pubic bone.  I grabbed her hips and pushed myself out and back again.  Slowly at first, of course, then faster.  And faster.  The viscosity of it all allowed me to plow her as though we were doing it the way nature intended.  I felt her against my balls as she rubbed her pussy and that just made me more excited.  I was slapping into her now and I could feel trails of moisture sticking against me as I pulled back each time.

Not surprisingly, my endurance was going to fail me.  Sure, I had been fucking her ass for a couple of minutes at this point, but I wanted it to keep going.  Once she got louder and came ... there was nothing for it.  I gripped her waist and pulled myself as deep and hard into her as I could.  Now I began to grunt and moan until I finally burst and poured forth my seed into a channel were it could do no harm.

I came inside her butt.

Cleanup was messy, natch.  But the experience was epic.


My wife has occasionally expressed a desire to get up in my butt.  I don't know why anyone would want to get up inside a man's butt, much less mine, but to each their own.  For whatever reason, I decided to indulge her one night.

Now, as I mentioned in the aforementioned Sexcalation, I've tried digitally pleasing myself in that manner a couple of times in the shower over the years.  Never really did anything for me.

So this night, she started by sucking my dick.  Wait, I need to back up.

You'll note that The Great Sexual Experiment of 2013 was inspired by her reading of Sherlock slash fiction which, naturally, includes many detailed descriptions of male member worship.  Her attention to my bits has altered accordingly.  Yes, my endurance has grown to the point that most blowjobs are seemingly interminable (a good and bad problem), but her technique has shifted and they're more enjoyable than ever.

She started with a slow tongue lapping up my shaft.  Her fingers ran along the periphery of my sack.  Her tongue raked back down from the tip and then up again. It curled around my girth and her wet lips slid over my length repeatedly.

This went on for a few minutes.

Only then did she pull my cock into her mouth.  Like I have toyed with her during cunnilingus by denying any penetration greater than my tongue, she denied me the satisfaction as long as she could and the end result was a kind of relief as my dick ran over her lips and onto her tongue within her dark confines.  My head pressed against the roof of her mouth and was constrained; pressed further into her throat until her lips reached the base of my cock and my entire prick was hidden from view.

Her saliva poured forth and she smeared it around me for a moment before withdrawing her mouth, stroking my cock and then licking my balls.  She sucked on them.  They popped from her mouth while she jerked my cock.

Then she got the bottle of KY.

We prefer the liquid.  The gel is just too gooey.

She squirted it onto her fingers and began by stroking my balls.  She smeared it toward my asshole and asked, "Are you ready?"

I nodded.

It went pretty much as I expected.  It felt icky.  There was pressure.  And ... that's about it.  She went to two fingers after a bit.  She moved them in and out.  She pressed deep.  Honestly, it did nothing for me.

Thankfully, she stroked and sucked my dick most of the time so there's that.

Near the end, she said, "This really turns me on."  I don't remember what I said.

I do remember that, once her fingers were out of me, her pussy was sopping wet and fucking her was almost difficult.  She was so slippery, my cock almost wanted to slide back out every time.  Oh, I described that above?  Yeah, same kind of thing.

For a few days after, I felt somewhat off.  Like I had to poop, but not really?  You know?  And like there was still something in my butt.  She seemed to like it, though.

And that's June.  July ... big things happened.  Or just one.  One big thing happened.

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