Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Unexpected Experiment: Month 1 - Cum On Me

As I detailed last month, my wife has become enamored of Sherlock/Watson slashfic.

Thanks again.

Thanks to that, she's game for sex every day.  Every single day.  Now, we've been married for nearly fourteen years.  Of course, this is akin to hitting some sort of lottery.

I'm going to keep track of this on a month-to-month basis, so this entry is for January.  Instead of boring you with details about every single encounter, I'll hit the highlights and a few pros and cons that I've noticed so far.

January, 2013

Only six days without sex.  Three because of illness; three because of menstruation.
The Onion

Zero days missed because one of us just didn't want to or feel like it.  If I'm being honest, there were a couple of days when I thought to myself that I'd be OK with it if she didn't want to, but then she did, and those thoughts vanished.


Something new and also unexpected.  As detailed in my book, Sexcalation, my wife doesn't like ejaculate.  Semen.  Spunk.  You get it.  Now, she doesn't like the taste and texture of it so she's never been a swallower.  She's never seemed to be a fan of touching it, either.  I'm not sure why, but that seemed to change.  During one of our quick, midweek sessions, I was ready to reach for a condom when she said, "Pull out and cum on me."  Now ... I'm fine with following directions, but that threw me for a loop.  "Really?"  She responded, "Yes."  So I obliged.  Afterward I asked why she wanted that and she didn't know.  Since then, we've done it several more times.  Her favorite seems to be when I'm fucking her from behind and I extract myself so I may then blast my wad onto her ass and lower back.  Cleanup is a bigger thing now, but she likes it.

Other cool highlight: one particular night, she was leaning on the side of the bed and I was pounding her from behind.  I took a small vibrator (about five inches), turned it on and slid it into her asshole.  She began to groan in a deep, animal-like manner.  I pressed it in about halfway, but my pounding into her pushed it further.  Smack, smack, smack.  She was grunting and groaning loudly.  I kept an eye on the vibrator and made sure it didn't disappear, but every time I rammed my cock into her pussy, my body slapped against her ass and moved it again.  We both came hard at about the same time.  I still had the post-coital quivers when I reached down and gingerly extricated the device from her.  Once I did, she collapsed onto the bed.


Frequency.  Obviously, sex (nearly) every day.  You can't put a price on that.  (Well, I guess you could.  But it would be expensive.)

Endurance.  Pre-2013, when we were having sex (maybe) once a week, it took all the concentration I could muster to keep from popping off in the first five minutes or so.  Once she came, I'd put a condom on and have my climax.  Now, after daily sex, I'm finding that I can last far, far longer.  About a week into this I really understood just how much I could do without fear of losing it.  Used to be groping tits, kissing, etc., were all mood heighteners that would bring me to the brink.  Not so now.  They're still exciting and exhilarating, of course, but I don't have to cum when I do it.  Lately she's been able to have three and sometimes four orgasms before I have mine.  I leave her sweaty and exhausted.  That's rather satisfying on its own.

Speed.  Thanks to our differing work and sleep schedules, during the week, we have to try and fuck while our son is still up and about.  (Recall that I installed a hook lock on our bedroom door because of this.)  This means we set him down to do his homework, play Angry Birds, whatever, and then we go elsewhere and "talk."  (He's not going to buy that one forever.)  Thanks to her reading, she's already sufficiently greased so it's just a matter of getting me in a saluting position.  (Even though I'm nearly forty, that's not a problem yet.)  It's quick and easy.  About as close to wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am as married couples get.


Frequency.  Yes, pro and con.  It's only a con because we have to keep finding excuses to sneak away from our son, distract him, etc.

Endurance.  Yes, again, pro and con.  Other than stretching out what could be a simple ten-minute get together, it led to the longest blowjob I've ever had.  More than thirty minutes.  It was good, of course, but it was simply too long.  Not my wife's fault.  She was working it like a champ.  It just took more and more to get me to the tipping point.

Speed.  Yes, again, pro and con.  The needed quickness of most of our meetings precludes any foreplay.  Yes, blowjobs (then again, maybe that's OK).  But also oral on her.  I like eating her out.  Despite all the sex we've had, I haven't licked her down below more than a couple of times the whole month.

Neither a pro or con:

I only masturbated three times the whole month.  That's down from my usual ... twenty?  Not good or bad, I guess.  It's just a thing.

Conclusion thus far:

Life is good.  Sex every day is fantastic.  More than that, I'm closer to my wife and we're happier and more romantic.

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